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Annual Giving

Thanks to generous donors like you, deserving Valencia students have the opportunity to thrivein college and build the future of their dreams. Our tuition is modest and hasn’t increased in fiveyears. Mindful of tight budgets, our professors increasingly rely on open-source and other free, stillrigorous, academic resources. And yet, college still remains out of reach for a significant portion ofour local neighbors, families who work multiple jobs in low-wage industries. To make ends meet,Valencia students balance full-time and often more than one part-time job.Your gift has the power to change a life – and the trajectory of a family’s future forever.

Please join us.



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Thank you for your contribution to students' success. Your generosity enables Valencia College to offer our students exceptional learning opportunities. Every act of philanthropy, no matter how large or modest, impacts the lives of Valencia students in a significant and meaningful way - it says someone cares about their future.